This site is dedicated to Michael "the Korean"

Man of Eternal Smile


Page dedicated to our friend "Korean" It is intended to collect all the images to be doing all those who knowing or not knowing the "Korean" have portrayed the Monolith Tribute found Oubira in the desert - Merzouga (Morocco)

The Group SPH


A few years ago specifically for the year 1998 of the concerns and the adventurous spirit of a group of friends arises idea of ​​traveling to Morocco to visit places, new leads, establish friendships and new experiences, so SHP arises.

One of the cornerstones of the SPH was our dear friend Miguel unfortunately a disease we fit in December 2012, is dedicated to him with affection this website.

Michael the Korean


Michael the Korean, as everyone knew was a lovely person, loved by all transmitting energy friend of his friends, willing to whatever you needed him and always with a reassuring smile on his face, enjoyed as few of each adventure lived with his friends in each SPH and especially was a lover unconditional Desert and navigate your car through the seas of dunes.

The Oasis


We his friends in March 2013 decided to pay a tribute to honor his profound absence something that remains perpetually exposed and what better place than the place where he lived many adventures and never tired of visiting, we decided to put in their memory a monolith, in Merzouga Erg Chebbi heart at the foot of the dune in the Oasis of Oubira the following coordinates.

The Monolith


These are the coordinates if you are ever there and want to make a visit or photograph you with Monolith We would be happy that could send us that photo.

N 31º 06,204´ W 003º 57,680´.

Here on this website you will find pictorial records of the whole process of installation and assembly of the monolith.

We invite any adventurous tourist or visitor passing by and want to be photographed with the monolith send us the photo via e exposed on this site because for us would be happy and would love to publish all photos on this website by the day and between all biggest myth that was a great person and a great friend.